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Fun and lovely peel and stick sailor bunny wallpaper kid´s room | Delicoart
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Sailor bunny – 34,15€/m2


Adorable and delicate sailor bunny wallpaper mural. Put a charming and delightful touch to your child´s wall decoration. All our murals and wallpapers are customizable.

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This customizable sailor bunny mural is ideal for a kid´s room or playroom.

We can adapt this mural to the exact dimensions of your walls.

Main features and how to apply our wallpapers and murals:

  • Delicoart murals are 100% textile, autoadhesives and removables. What does this mean? Your mural will arrive printed on a unique material made by high quality interwoven threads.
  • This reinvention of the traditional murals facilitate considerably its placing thanks to its micro threads, invisible to the eyesight, which allows the air to escape easily when installing and avoids air bubbles.
  • The material comes with the autoahesive incorporated. Forget about glue and brushes and thanks to the characteristics of the adhesive you will be able to replace the mural as many times as you need to without leaving any mark nor damaging the Surface where it will be placed.
  • The material is unbreakable so whenever you need to remove the mural you will be able to do it in one piece.
  • We guarantee it, placing the mural is as easy as it seems. Download our placing instructions and take a look at our videos to make sure how you can get a fascinating change in your home in a matter of minutes!
  • To make it easier for you the murals are sent in panels of 48×260 cms stripes each one of them with a different number. This way you will be able to place the panels one by one easily.
  • The colour of the mural may vary depending on the computer monitor.
  • Give a new look to your room with your own hands and in the easiest and quickest way!

How can I get my sailor bunny mural and wallpaper?

  • Should you want a specific size please write us an email at indicating the model and sizes (height and width) and we will send you the final estimated Price.
  • Once approved we would send you the final proposal by email.
  • If everything looks fine you must make the payment through Paypal or bank transfer. Once the payment is made send us your payment receipt to start the manufacturing process.
  • The delivery time is 5-10 working days since payment.
Additional Information

100×260, 200 x 260 cm, 250 x 260 cm, 300 x 260 cm, 350 x 260 cm, 400 x 260 cm, 450 x 260 cm